My Princess Ass Destroys Those Who Worship It

My Princess Ass Destroys Those Who Worship It

U are just another ass addict desperate for the opportunity to worship. Its pathetic, just like you. Its pathetic how easy it is to fuck with your mind, to fuck u over. U`re so easily led astray but your weak, horny cock. And all I have to do 2 get what I want, is show u my ass. My ass that is so far out of your league. My ass fucks with your mind, this ass that youll never touch. The ass of a Mistress.

U kneel at the altar of my ass. You kneel and worship because you know u`re not worthy. U`re lucky I even allow you to gaze upon my perfect ass. And its pathetic how addicted u`re to the sight of my gorgeous ass. My ass will drain your balls of cum, and drain your wallet of all your cash. So easy to manipulate, so easy to wrap around my little finger.

Stare at it loser, and beg 4 my ass. Beg n jerk to my ass and let your addiction grow. U`re addicted to my beautiful brat ass. U`ll never know what if feels like, what it tastes like, all u`ll know is that you need to jerk n worship every time u see it. My ass controls u, consumes that weak little mind. U`re a slave 2 my ass.

U`re an ass worshiping loser and you exist to worship my divine ass. Every time you see it, your cock gets hard, you ache to cum. But 1st u need 2 show your gratitude. You must earn your pleasure. Serving my ass is an honor loser. This brat booty destroys the men who worship it. U dont stand a chance against me n my beautiful brat ass.

Goddess Paige Orion

Keywords: Female Domination, Femdom POV, Humiliation, Dirty Talk, Free, Ass Licking, Assworship, Goddess Worship, Paige Orion

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