Nastily Ruined Starring Empress Victoria [Sado-Ladies]

Nastily Ruined Starring Empress Victoria [Sado-Ladies]

#1 CLIP in category RUINED ORGASMS!

As Empress Victoria, who is dressed in skin tight, black leggins n shiny boots, tells her slave that he is allowed 2 wank now under her boots, his dick grows up in a few seconds. He can’t believe because usually the cruel lady doesn’t allow any pleasure 4 the slaves. There is only one thing that astonishes him: She has put handcuffs on his wrist, combined with a chain that she holds in her leather gloved hands. Anyway, to see that long legged gooddess with her long blond hair above him drives him so crazy, that his member gets harder n harder. The Empress also puts her boots on his mouth what arouses him even more. But everytime he is ready to cum the mean dominatrix pulls on the chain n drags his hands off from his dick. She does that a few times like a tease n denial game. For a last time she allows him to wank and at the moment he moans in pleasure that he will cum now, she pulls his hands off again. Haha, see how he tries to gat his hands back on his dick but there is no chance. His cum comes out without any pleasure but with a lot of pain and frustration and there is nothing more than the nastily smile of the arrogant Mistress.

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