Neutered Pet

Neutered Pet

Your Goddesses has dropped u off at my clinic 4 a rather extreme procedure n she’s left it up to me 2 explain just what your fate will be. I take great delight in explaining that u are here 2 be neutered, just like a bad. It seems u can’t keep your mind or hands away from *her* cock. So, I am going 2 remove the temptation 4 u. Once I’ve chopped off your balls, u won’t be able to achieve an erection any longer. U’ll never have 2 worry about that pesky need 2 cum again. Instead u can concentrate on your true purpose – severing your owner’s every whim! Now, let’s get started, shall we?

Keywords: Femdom POV, Medical Play, Clinic, Humiliation, Operation, Nurse Role Play

532 mb
9 min

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