New Slave Learns Pain (1080 HD)

New Slave Learns Pain (1080 HD)

This slave was found on craiglist, he said he would do “anything” 4 $100. I explain to him that if he takes enough of a beating to satisfy me, he will get it. You have to be a pretty big loser just to agree to something like that right? So anyway he is so laid back n nonchalant like a totally valley boy or something, I am not even sure what hes doing here. I wonder when I whip his sorry ass if I will cure him of his laid back n lackadaisical demeanor. I’ll give him something to care about pretty soon, I promise you that, Ha-Ha. So I whip him n pretty soon he is calling out for me to stop – and that really pisses me off! (We actually had to cut filing for a second – NOT good.) So I let him take a short break to let him regain his composure then I lash into him even harder than before. Over n over again I whip him harder n harder till I convince him 2 fucking like it in order to please me! If he gets overwhelmed with pain, I just make him kiss my super sexy black thigh high boots. Then I tell him to take more! Its so hot to see a guy change his behavior simply because a mean girl like me forces him to. I train this no-account loser boy to be my perfect pain slave. I wonder what else I can make him do…?

Princess Carmela

Keywords: Female Domination, Free, Femdom, Princess Carmela, Carmela, Extreme Domination, Whipping, Boots

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