New Slave Test 101

New Slave Test 101

We get slaves here all the time that want 2 “try” our ballshocker on n see if they can take it. If they do as we say (send a picture of their ID 4 Our safety n a small deposit 2 show that they are serious) we allow them 2 come over n tryout 2 be one of our video slaves. This slave was one of those who actually did as he was told. So me and Adrianna strap the shocker on him and have some fun. Poor slave was like in total agony. That thing apparently hurt waaay more than he was expecting haha. But before we started, we made sure 2 handcuff his hands behind his back so that once he found out how much it hurts his balls he could NOT take it off!!! (Aren’t we cruel Mean Girls…???) :)

And this was all done btw just 2 “tenderize” his balls before we punch them over n over in the next clip! LOL

Princess Kendall

Keywords: Kendall, Adriana, Femdom, Electric Play, Female Domination, Bondage, Ball Abuse, Humiliation

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