Nicole Moore and Nina Dolci from Boy Meets Ass

Nicole Moore and Nina Dolci from Boy Meets Ass

Bob the perv sneaks into the girls locker room in order to catch a peek of the girls at their best. Two lovely bitches – Nina Dolci n Nicole Moore – catch him hiding out in the john, and decide to teach him a lesson. They drag him into another chamber and make him to lay across a workout bench. The plan is to rob him of all breath, bring him close to the point where he dies of suffocation. In other words, we are talking about smotheration of the most insidious sort. These girls have all sorts of creative ideas: The sit on his face while wearing crispy white panties, then subject him to cruel HOM (hand over mouth) torment. Bob pleads that he just wants to have sex – what a deluded whiner! There is no way either of these girls will get close 2 that sicko for any reason other than to hurt him. Just look at he way his nose disappear beneath Nicole’s gorgeous butt cheeks. “Maybe he’ll pass out!” Nina suggests. Bob continues to insult the girls, and they continue to rob him of ALL air. Their tops come off (what GREAT titties!), and they subject him to the most luscious boobie chokitude ever captured on video. They even cover his mouth n nostrils with their feet. The girls make him to lick their dirty bare soles nice n clean – how disgusting n humiliating! This video has a HEAVY emphasis on foot-based humiliation – later on, they make him to fellate their toesies. Then it’s back to twat suffocation. Bob tries to leave, but these bitches hold him firmly in place, even when he drops to the floor.

Keywords: Female Domination, Free, Femdom, Facesitting, Humiliation, Threesome, Blonde, Ass Smothering, Nicole Moore, Nina Dolci, Ass Fetish, Ass Smother, Face Sitting

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