Nikki’s Seduction

Nikki's Seduction

Nikki has an amazing body. Her huge tits are about 2 break through her tight lingerie and she wants 2 play a little game. She has a guy on his way over. He thinks he’s going 2 get 2 fck her, but really she’s going to trick him into agreeing to let her Nut him. While she doesn’t really want 2 deal with the mess of Emasculation, she does want to knee n kick the hell out of his balls 4 her amusement. She’s going 2 make him agree to 20 kicks to the balls in order 2 fck her, but if he can’t stay standing the whole time, she has to cut his balls off. He’s a sucker 4 her teasing and her body, and when he shows up he reluctantly goes along with it. She is pretty convincing. She starts off with some really light knees to make him think he can take it, but then it gets harder. He ends up on the ground with her standing over him, crushing his dick with her intense high heels, humiliating him, and telling him that he’s about to be Nutted.

Keywords: Femdom, Humiliation, High Heels, Free

360 mb
10 min

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