No Cake 4 Slaves

No Cake 4 Slaves

I had heard about MGM online n now that I am 18 I totally wanted 2 go there 2 celebrate my 18th birthday! So I had my parents actually rent it (and 3 of its slaves!) out 4 me & my 2 girlfriends! Me n my friend Princess Arianna are sitting at the kitchen table n demanded my birthday cake be presented 2 me. We make it serve us while we make fun of it for having 2 be our little bitch all weekend! We`re like literally using two other losers as fucking furniture as we eat. I absolutely LOVE that we can treat these losers like total SH!TT all weekend n they like HAVE 2 take it!

Eventually my friend Princess Natalia joins us in abusing these losers. And when we`re all finished with our cake we toss the scraps on the floor n make these retards lick it up off the FLOOR that we WALK on! Its all they deserve anyway. Like, we`re SO much better than these pieces of sh!tt – and we don’t hesitate 2 tell them either. They need 2 know their place while we`re here. (And we plan on coming back – a lol!

Princess Tia

Keywords: Female Domination, Eating, Humiliation, Brat Girls, Young Mistress, Human Furniture, Femdom, Tia, Arianna, Natalia

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