No Cake For Slaves (1080 HD)

No Cake For Slaves (1080 HD)

I had heard about “MMG” online n now that I am 18 I totally wanted to go there to celebrate my 18-th birthday! So I had my parents actually rent it (and three of its slaves!) out for me n my two girlfriends! Me n my friend Princess Arianna are sitting at the kitchen table n demanded my birthday cake be presented to me. We make it serve us while we make fun of it for having 2 be our little bitch all weekend! We are like literally using two other losers as fucking furniture as we eat. I absolutely LOVE that we can treat these losers like total SH!TT all weekend and they like HAVE to take it! Eventually my friend Princess Natalia joins us in abusing these losers. And when we`re all finished with our cake we toss the scraps on the floor and make these retards lick it up off the FLOOR that we WALK on! Its all they deserve anyway. Like, we`re SO much better than these pieces of sh!tt – and we don’t hesitate 2 tell them either. They need to know their place while were here. (And we plan on coming back – a lol! Princess Tia ***Editing slave’s note: Princess Tia and her friend are true California “valley girls” and KNOW that they are better than inferior beta males. It comes completely natural to them to walk all over losers that they see as nothing more than slaves to them…

Princess Tia

Keywords: Female Domination, Free, Femdom, Princess Tia, Tia, Food Fetish, Foot Fetish, Human Furniture, Eating, Humiliation, Young Mistress, Brat Girls, Princess Arianna, Princess Natalia, Natalia, Arianna

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