NO MORE BALLS FOR YOU! Starring Goddess Mena (HD Version)

NO MORE BALLS FOR YOU! Starring Goddess Mena (HD Version)

In this follow up to Goddess Menas top selling clip BALL BUSTED FOR TWO TIMING, the ball abuse escalates to a feverish pitch as Goddess Mena punishes slave fluffy for the audacity of serving another Goddess behind her back. WTF was he thinking??? Well if he cant keep it in his pants, Mena is determined to pulverize his cock n balls until they are completely useless 2 anyone!

After a hellacious ball attack with her magnificent Six inch stilettos on, she has her disloyal pet remove her shoes so she can get comfortable and settle in for an even more hard core ball busting, bare foot style. After dropping him to the floor with a barrage of vicious, full blast soccer kicks, Mena bends her victim over in the most vulnerable position we have ever witnessed for ball busting.

On his knees, bent over backwards n leaning on the couch, his cock and ball sack are completely exposed and vulnerable to Menas sadistic whims. Mena takes full advantage and continues to destroy his testicles with soccer kicks, heel stomps and her version of a powerful donkey style back kick, which leaves fluffy crumpled on the floor gasping for air and begging forgiveness. But Mena has no intention of stopping until his nuts are shriveled up n useless.

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