Noe – Leashed Bitch Licks Shoes and Worships Feet (1080 HD)

Noe - Leashed Bitch Licks Shoes and Worships Feet (1080 HD)

1080 HD: Noe loves keeping her little bitch on a pink leash. The leash is not attached to a collar at the slaves neck, however. Noe keeps her leash tied to the slaves matching pink chastity, tight around its balls. Noe tells her bitch to lick the bottom of her shoe. The bitch does as its told. Noe looks very pleased. Noes bitch licks the soles of both of her shoes. Then, Noe tells the bitch to take her shoes off and massage her feet. Again, the little bitch does as it is told. Noe allows her well behaved bitch to kiss her perfect toes. Noe loves to hear that her feet are perfect, and they truly are. She can get lonesome losers 2 submit to just about anything with the perfection of her feet. The foot worship starts sensually, but as it progresses, Noe pushes her feet deeper n deeper into the slaves mouth. The slave is no longer enjoying itself as much, but Noe just loves watching it suffer for her. Oh, am I choking u with my perfect feet? She says. The slave chokes n nods. Noe laughs. The more the slave suffers the funnier it is to Noe. Noe tells the slave to follow her into the bathroom so she can pee. She pulls it along behind her, literally leading him by the balls.

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11 min

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