Teodora is a nutritionist and the expert 4 weight reducing. She has a patient 4 weight loss. One fat guy who is stupid enough 2 trust her methods. There is comic situation where Teodora speaks so much and the patient is confused. Her system is pretty painful.

10 parts of Hot Femdom video set.

Part 1: Fat belly must dissapear. She tramples it.
Part 2: Head trample.
Part 3: Fat fingers are also intolerable. She crushes his fingers n hands.
Part 4: Mixed wrestling with scissorholds.
Part 5: Camel clutch on Teodora’s way.
Part 6: She sits on his belly n tries 2 makes him puke.
Part 7: One more mixed with scissors.
Part 8: He licks trainer’s feet.
Part 9: She chokes his fat throat with her feet.
Part 10: She rides a horse men. After a while, horse becames a bull. Like on the rodeo, she tries 2 keep balance on him.

Keywords: Femdom, D-feet, Trampling, Crushing, Wrestling, Scissor, Footworship

2.50 Gb
68 min

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