Nutted by Sexy Dancers

Nutted by Sexy Dancers

Macy Lee n Miss Luminous are two dancers in their dressing room. They just finished a tough night of dancing on stage, and are sick of men being jerks. Macy tells Luminous that she has a surprise 4 her… the other day, Macy caught some creeper peeping through her window, and she now has him bound in a dungeon, waiting 4 punishment… “We can do whatever we want 2 him, take his balls!” [Luminous’s eyes light up]

They enter the dungeon, and the creeper starts 2 beg n plead, but they just gag him with some sweaty pantyhose that Macy was dancing in all day. They are going 2 brutalize his manhood, and they don’t want to be bothered by his screams. He is bound spread eagle, naked. His balls are hanging helplessly, and the two sexy dancers go 2 work…

They love the power they feel when the kick him hard with their high heels. They love teasing him, and think it’s really funny when they make him get an erection, just 2 get kicked harder. He won’t be using that cock anymore when they are done…

They tease n kick and laugh n giggle at how he collapses but is still stuck in bondage. He tries to beg 4 mercy through his sweaty pantyhose gag, but they just think it’s cute while they talk about different ways that they will finally nut him.

After they’ve had enough fun, they leave him hanging in agony. They will be bag, and his balls are done.

Lance is still chained up in the dungeon n gagged with Macy’s sweaty pantyhose. The two sexy dancers, Macy Cartel and Miss Luminous return 2 him, giggling, holding a pair of bolt cutters…

Luminous is wearing a sexy red shiny leotard n fishnets. Macy is wearing black leggings, a tight mini skirt n high heels, which she happily puts into Lance’s balls with a smile. They are going 2 take his balls. They are sick of men being jerks to them at work, and they are really happy about removing at least one set of balls.

They love the power they have over this pervert. They tease him with their bodies, and make sure he is fully erect while they talk about the completely ending his manhood.

Macy wants 2 make sure the mess is minimal, and she loves the mind fck aspect of making him cum one last time before his is nutted, so she lubes up his cock. Miss Luminous stands by, teasing him about his last orgasm ever. She knows he must being dieing not to cum, and 2 hold onto his balls just a little longer, but she also knows that Macy is milking his cock perfectly, and he has no hope.

Macy smiles while Lance begs her 2 stop stroking his cock. He can’t hold out any longer and he cums all over her black leggings.

Keywords: Femdom, Emasculation Threats, Black Leggings, Fishnets, Leotard, Handjob, Ballbusting, Leotard Fetish, Bunny Suit

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