Old Ashtray Slave

Old Ashtray Slave

To dominate n humiliate old adorer is one of the things Chanel loves the most. Dressed in skin tight leather leggings, stiletto heeled boots n a very tight top, the young mistress rests on the couch and calls her worshipper who she calls slave. The old man appears, Chanel tells him that she wants to smoke n throws the cigarette packet through the room. “Oops!”, she says, followed by the order: “Bring me the cigarettes!” The old man does as he was told by the mean beauty. He lights up her cigarette n Chanel starts 2 enjoy. She pulls on the chain that is attached to his collar until his head is very close to her, so close that he can smell her parfume, that he can look into her cleavage. She knows that this will make him much more nervous. Of course she drops the hot ash into his mouth but whatever he does, he is not able to satisfy the young Goddess. His head is too high, then too low. Sometimes he drops ash on the couch. Chanel doesn’t care about him. Again n again she blows the cigarette smoke directly into his faith, although he is coughing already. He should stand it 4 the chance to look at her beautiful ass, legs n boots…

Keywords: Female Domination, Femdom, Sado-Ladies, Free, Smoking, Human Ashtray, Boots, Boot Fetish, Arrogant Woman, Humiliation, Cigarette, Legs

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