Olga Squeezes and Milks His Cum on Her Bodysuit

Olga Squeezes and Milks His Cum on Her Bodysuit

Olga (Russian accent) is wearing a black bodysuit, white tights and a tight mini skirt. She has Lance naked on the sofa, and she is playing with his cock. She loves tease his cock n balls n keep him on the edge of orgasm 4 as long as she can…

She milks his cock until he is just about to cum, then squeezes his cock or his balls, or just stops n smiles while he writhes on the edge of blowing his load.

Olga lets Lance grope her, but she is in control of his balls. When she is finally ready 4 him to cum, she milks out every last drop onto her bodysuit, then stands up and squeezes his sensitive balls one last time before she walks away.

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