Olympic Trampling (1080 HD)

Olympic Trampling (1080 HD)

We have an Idea for a new Olympic event: COMPETITIVE TRAMPLING. The way it works is we match two slaves from different countries against each other, then just casually take turns standing on them (all at the same time, of course!) in our needle-thin stilettos for as long as we want – and time it just to see which slave can take it the longest.

This time it was USA vs. Australia. And of course you can tell who the American is – the FAT one! LOL. Superior Goddess Brooke and I are the perfect Amazon Goddesses to do the trampling. We`re flawless specimens of what the ideal woman is, and truly worthy of the Olympic superlative. Plus, when we stand on a slave he knows that he need to be at the peak of his game – because we are both super tall, muscular, and love rocking all our weight back onto our heels to “speed up” the process of breaking the slave underneath us!

But this Australian slave is just taking it no matter how far back we lean on our heels! He must be like sooo patriotic! LOL. But Princess Chanel is on hand at the end to push the slaves to go 4 the gold AS A THIRD MEAN GIRL TO STAND ON THE SLAVE – to take him to the absolute limit until it finally BREAKS. It’s so funny how the slave is in such agony underneath us – and were just casually discussing how tall we`re and how much we weigh n laughing about how much it must hurt the “contestant” underneath us!

Were actually thinking about sending a copy of this clip to the IOC for submission as a real Olympic event because we think it`s time for the abuse of loser slaves to be included in the summer games! It would make the whole thing WAY more watchable and entertaining in our opinion!

Goddess Harley

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