ONCE UPON A COUCH! Starring Astro Domina (HD Version)

ONCE UPON A COUCH! Starring Astro Domina (HD Version)

The title sounds like the beginning of a fairy tale, right? But for this insipid slave, the evening turned into a real nightmare. When Astro Domina comes home from an evening out on the town, she finds her useless slave asleep on the floor. And to make matters worse, he forgot to prepare her late night snack as instructed. What an asshole! Huge Mistake and he is about 2 pay dearly!

Astro immediately wakes him up and invites him to lie down on the couch. Why after all should he be uncomfortable on the cold hard wood floor, when Astro can offer him a soft, cushy couch? Astro can be soooo sweet, right? But this dimwit soon learns that his comfort is not Astros primary concern.

Once nestled comfortably upon the couch, Astro pounces on him and proceeds to trample, stomp, and crush him like a lowly worm. We cant even call this a trampling clip, because it is so much more intense and severe than any trampling clip we have ever shot. Astro literally jumps four feet into the air and comes crashing down full weight on his chests, ribs and abdominals again n again & again.

When she isnt crushing the fool, she is soccer kicking his testicles for being such a blundering idiot. Astro stomps n smashes his cock and ball sack relentlessly with her bare feet as her slave grows weaker and more submissive with each kick. Once she has taught the loser a lesson, she orders him to get his ass up off the comfy couch n make her a sandwich!

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