Open Mouth, Insert My Foot! Starring Goddess Lana (HD Version)

Open Mouth, Insert My Foot! Starring Goddess Lana (HD Version)

This gym rat has been leering at the gorgeous Goddess Lana since she came in for her daily workout. He thinks he is all that, the fucking loser idiot. When he follows Lana into the lounge to ask her on a adte, she deflates his overblown ego in seconds, by ordering him to strip down to his boxer shorts and then drop to his knees. Like most men, this one is no different. All loser boys fall to Goddess Lana.

Right in front of other gym members, she orders him to kiss and lick her feet. Utterly flabbergasted, the poor fool is powerless to resist n follows Lanas orders to the letter. HOW HUMILIATING for everyone to see this muscle head on his knees licking away at Goddess Lanas perfect feet like a little lap doggy. But Lana doesnt give a shite what people think. She does as she pleases, 4 she is truly a superior Asian Goddess, and all men were born to serve her.

Lana makes this juice head suck on each anad every toe like it was a cock, as if he hasnt done THAT before! HA HA! She even sticks all 5 toes into his mouth at the same time. He must suck some big cocks, huh? Lol To futher degrade him, she makes him dry off her wet feet with his hair! And when he shows his displeasure, she slaps the bejeezus out of him over n over again. All pain, no gain for this loser!

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