Ophelia Rain Sells Your Ass

Ophelia Rain Sells Your Ass

Ophelia is looking hot as fuck in her pink corset n black fishnets. She looks into your eyes n asks herself what kind of terrible things she might do 2 u.

1st she puts duct tape over your mouth. She doesn’t want 2 hear your screams.

She grabs a dildo n tells u that u`re her property, 2 be used however she wants.

“Have u ever had a cock in your ass?” Ophelia tells u she is going 2 start training your ass with her dildo. She’s going 2 work u up to a complete ass whore (she grabs a huge black dildo n giggles, implying that it’s going in u next).

“I am going 2 sell your fucking ass n laugh.”

“U are going 2 be used in truck stop bathrooms like the little whore u`re.”

She turns around 2 let u worship her ass. This will be your treat 4 doing what u`re told. It turns her on 2 make men like u into whores. She gets wet just thinking about u licking up cum and starts to use a vibrator on herself right in front of u.

After she cums, she giggles n tells u about the glory whole u will be servicing, then makes herself cum again.

She shutters from her multiple orgasms, then looks u in the eyes n tells u she hasn’t decided if she will let u keep your balls or not.

Keywords: Femdom, Sissification, Encoraged Bi, Female Orgasm, Femdom POV, Male Slave POV, Fishnets, Tattoos, INK, Slut Training, Emasculation Threat

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