Oral Fixation

Oral Fixation

After many years of training, Lady Towers has system atically conditioned this particular slave 2 be a hopeless, uncontrollable boot slave. He will do virtually anything she wishes 2 satisfy his dire need to have her perfect size 16 boots in his mouth. He is in a word, obsessed. A testament to her innate ability to manipulate the psycho sexual needs of her pets, to make them more suitable 2 her own needs. As she shoves her soft leather into his waiting mouth, his eyes roll into his head, and his soul goes off 2 a far away place. As she shoves her heel deeper n deeper into his throat, he sinks deeper & deeper into his state of utter submission. It is such a double edged sword. Each fleeting moment of ecstasy takes him closer 2 an endless lifetime of slavery. And it is worth every second.

Keywords: Femdom, Female Domination, Boots, Bootlicking, Humiliation, Boot Fetish, Amazons, High Heels, Bootworship, Free

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