Orias Gets Vengeance on Sex Villain

Orias Gets Vengeance on Sex Villain

Orias has captured an evil sex villain. She isn’t turning him into the cops 4 justice. She is taking justice into her own hands this time. He violated her side kick, and that’s just to much 4 her 2 bear.

The villain is belligerent, misogynistic, n defiant, even though she has him bound and is clearly going 2 take her time making him suffer. His powers allow him 2 seduce women n control them, but his weakness is that if he gets seduced, he can easily be brain washed.

Orias is going to exploit his weakness n take her time getting him horny. Then she is going 2 turn him into her pain slut bitch n violate him in terrible ways until she is satisfied.

She slaps n squeezes his balls. She grinds her spiked high heel boot in to his crotch. the whole time, she teases him 2 weaken his powers.

Orias explains all the terrible things she’s going 2 do 2 his cock n balls and ass while teasing him. His end will be long, humiliating n painful.

Keywords: Femdom, Pantyhose, Leotard, Super Heroine, Bondage, CBT Talk, Pegging Talk, Humiliation Talk, Spandex, Slut Training Talk

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