Our Dirty Little Secret

Our Dirty Little Secret

Morgan Lee wants 2 introduce strapon play 2 her boyfriend, but he is very reluctant to engage in such an activity; what if anyone found out that he had done something like this? Morgan reassures him that it will be their secret n that it will really spice up their relationship n love life. The boyfriend agrees, so Morgan prepares him by stroking his dick as he sucks on her strapon cock. Once Morgan has him really horny, she takes his ass with her strapon. She starts off nice n slow, but is soon fucking him really hard as they move from position 2 position. The once reluctant boyfriend is soon a full on slut, begging 4 Morgan’s cock n thanking her for talking him into trying this 4 her. She taunts him 4 being such a slut as he cleans his ass filth off of her cock, begging her 2 keep their secret. Morgan is now in total control of him n their relationship. The world would be a much better place if more Women made their boyfriends take it up the ass 4 them.

Keywords: Female Domination, Femdom, Femdom Empire, Strap-On, Strapon, Morgan Lee, Pegging, Free

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4 thoughts on “Our Dirty Little Secret

  1. Hello, Garry!
    Is there any possibility of such THE MG of videos with watermarks you send to my email unedited, original store?

    1. I would be happy to distribute always only the original (without watermark) but they steal a lot of people in my video and place on my own, as a result of my money spent does not pay off, and I can no longer post new items from different studios.

      What is stopping you from my watermark? He appears periodically.

  2. Yep Garry have right. Garry paid a lot of money for clips and people uploading this on forums thats not fair. In my opinion this watermark do not destorying any satisfaction of watching clips. By the way i sawed this watermark when i looked. For me this watermark is good option to scare thieves.
    Sorry for poor English but in short this water mark is good.

    1. Thank you for supporting Emilek. I hope to continue to delight you with good news n video.

      The main thing is that I understand you, and I hope also clear to me.

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