Our New House Niiggger (1080 HD)

Our New House Niiggger (1080 HD)

This is another total reality clip from my REAL LIFE as a Domina. This old black slave that sometimes serves some of the girls Mean Girls from time to time, well He lives closest 2 ME – so I took him n now I literally OWN his black ass. I called him to my apartment and he was like in heaven. He had no idea I was even going 2 be filming this lol. He was in total shock when he saw me n my man sitting above him on our barstools n we told him 2 kneel before us (his new superior white owners) strip, and tell us how he can be USEFUL to us n make OUR lives better! His response is pretty hilarious. Not to mention pathetic n completely genuine. We will be using him as our personal “house n***er” from now on, both on and off camera. So u`ll be seeing him in a lot of my clips in the future. Do u want 2 serve me n my man? Then do as u are fucking told n know your PLACE in life – at Our FEET, begging to make OUR lives easier!! Like this stupid, inferior, old black loser did! (This local lackey is actually on speed-dial 4 me to text whenever I want to use him for something! LOL!) I might even loan him out as a driver for my girlfriends to use instead of “uber” if he is a good little ni**er 4 me! Haha! My GFs can’t even believe that I can just use assholes like this…)

Keywords: Female Domination, Femdom, Free, Interracional Femdom, Cuckold, Humiliation, Cuckolding, Goddess Harley

1387 mb
11 min

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