Ours 4 the Breaking Part 1

Ours 4 the Breaking Part 1

Cory Chase is hanging out in her living room, looking sexy, and there is a man in his underwear handcuffed and gagged at her feet when Cory’s friend, Vanessa Vixon walks in…

Vanessa naturally wants 2 know what is going on, so Cory explains… She recently got a new job. She thinks it’s 4 the mob. All Cory knows is that men are going 2 be dropped off at her house, bound n gagged, and it is up to her 2 make them disappear forever. Vanessa is not shocked, but excited about the possibilities…

They can do whatever they want with this guy. He is about 2 be gone forever. They talk about some of the terrible things they have always wanted 2 do to a man but never could right in front of the guy, as if he isn’t there. Cory has always wanted 2 fuck a guy with a big strapon, just 2 see him squirm. Vanessa is angry at her boyfriend, and would love 2 cut a guys balls off…

When the man on the floor starts 2 mumble protests through his gag, they pay him some attention by kicking him in the balls n teasing him. He’ll never get laid again, and they love that. They love teasing him by playing with each other in front of him, just 2 lean over n squeeze his balls hard. They love sitting on his face, making him smell their pussies, just 2 step on his balls…

It’s going 2 be a long night.

Keywords: Femdom, Ballbusting, Emasculation Talk, Pantyhose, Leotard Fetish, Tights, Nylons, Facesitting, Ball Squeezing

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