Ours for the Breaking

Ours for the Breaking

Cory Chase is hanging out in her living room, looking sexy, and there is a man in his underwear handcuffed and gagged at her feet when Cory’s friend, Vanessa V1x0n walks in…

Vanessa naturally wants 2 know what is going on, so Cory explains… She recently got a new job. She thinks it’s 4 the mob. All Cory knows is that men are going 2 be dropped off at her house, bound n gagged, and it is up to her 2 make them disappear forever. Vanessa is not shocked, but excited about the possibilities…

They can do whatever they want with this guy. He is about 2 be gone forever. They talk about some of the terrible things they have always wanted 2 do to a man but never could right in front of the guy, as if he isn’t there. Cory has always wanted 2 fck a guy with a big strap-on, just to see him squirm. Vanessa is angry at her boyfriend, and would love to cut a guys balls off…

When the man on the floor starts to mumble protests through his gag, they pay him some attention by kicking him in the balls n teasing him. He’ll never get laid again, and they love that. They love teasing him by playing with each other in front of him, just 2 lean over and squeeze his balls hard. They love sitting on his face, making him smell their pussies, just 2 step on his balls…

It’s going 2 be a long night.

The girls return 2 torment their victim. Now they are both wearing sexy shiny leotards, black pantyhose n heels n Cory Chase has a long purple strap-on. She wants 2 live out her fantasy of making a man squirm at the end of her dildo, and Vanessa V1x0n wants 2 look him in the eye while it happens.

Cory works his ass while Vanessa teases him, “Awe, does it hurt? Do u like getting fucked with a big dick? Does rubbing your face in my tits help?”

They tease him relentlessly while pounding his ass, then leave him on the ground, broken, awaiting his fate.

Now that Cory Chase got 2 live out her fantasy of fucking the soon 2 be male slave in the ass, they need to get their job done. He must disappear. Vanessa V1x0n has made it clear that she wants 2 Nut him 1st, just 4 fun, and just because she can.

The want 2 fuck with him a little more before he meets his fate. They tell them that he is allowed one final orgasm as they play with his cock. It doesn’t take long for them to get him hard against his will with their sexy bodies.

Vanessa slaps his cock, they both squeeze his balls, joking n smiling with each other about his upcoming Emasculation and how they are going 2 leave him in the swamp 4…

They do not want him 2 enjoy his last orgasm, so they put their sexy nylon covered legs together, squeezing his hard cock, and they demand that he fucks their pantyhose. They give him some lube to make sure he will cum, but they are not sympathetic about the abrasions on his cock as they tease him. They know he is trying not 2 cum, and they are doing everything they can with their perfect tits n sexy talk 2 pull that cum out.

Finally, as they are playing with the head of his cock n squeezing his shaft hard with their pantyhose covered legs, he blows a huge load on their nylons. They tease him a little by putting their high heels into his balls, then leave him 2 ponder his demise…

Keywords: Femdom, Teasing, Handjob, Strap-On, Footjob, Emasculation, Kicking

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