Owned At Work

Owned At Work

The new stock boy comes in and approached Rodea about the new inventory reports. She is on lunch break in the break room and decides to see how much of a total loser this new employee is. She says Did I just catch you staring at my shoes? Well, the wimp actually admits that he has a foot and shoe fetish and after THAT he is basically owned by Rodea haha. She makes him literally get down on his knees and promise to give her his entire paycheck every Friday! And only after that she allows him to kiss the filthy bottom of her work shoes! She then says I own you now foot-freak! And you will do whatever I say- no matter how humiliating it is You work for ME now!

Just then, the office secretary comes into the lunch room and to the new employees horror, Rodea decides to just openly reveal this wimps deepest, darkest secret to her like its nothing. Then she makes the stock boy eat crushed food off the floor! The secretary laughs in shock and even steps on a few strawberries to join in the fun. Secretary Beverly begins to leave and amid talking to Rodea, she accidentally and unaware crushes even more food under her feet.

The loser stock boy is then ordered to open his mouth wide as Rodea spits huge mouthfuls of food into his mouth and makes him sit in the corner without swallowing any of it. He has to sit there with his mouth open for an hour to be humiliated by anyone that comes into the lunch room for the next hour!

Featuring: Dommes Rodea and Princess Beverly

Keywords: Female Domination, Shoe Worship, Food Crushing, Fetish, Object Crushing, Spitting, Crush, Humiliation, Office Domination, Femdom, Financial Domination

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