Painful Lessons From Princess Beverly

Painful Lessons From Princess Beverly

This slave wrote in 2 me directly on my personal email n literally BEGGED 2 be locked up in chastity by me when he traveled into town on business. So I made him prove himself by sending me a $200 amazon GC n a few gifts from my wishlist – which he DID. (All u losers that write in 2 me n the other girls with stupid, empty promises & endless excuses – take a note.) He also promised 2 bring me $1000 just 2 worship at my feet n spend the night locked in the cage at M LOL.

Well, he was LATE getting here! So after I locked up his TINY little cock in a chastity device, I dragged his ass into the Throne Room n WHIPPED him until he was almost crying LOL. (Do u think I CARE about the airline’s problems with on-time flights? Um… NO.) And as a slave, he needed 2 learn that slaves get BEATEN regularly around here – whether it is “their fault” or not. But he suffered 4 me, which made me happy. And he also brought me extra money! :) ($1,100!!) So I made him count it out at my feet – like a good little bitch. Not sure what was my favorite part? (Beating him, or taking all his money…? LOL.) And I kept reminding him that if he didn’t take everything I dish out 4 my amusement, that I would LEAVE him in chastity when I send him out 2 the airport in the morning! Have fun explaining 2 the TSA officer why your cock is locked up with a padlock when the metal detector goes off, loser! Not my problem… lol.

Do u wanna come here 2 M n spend the night in the cage? Just let me know! But u are gonna have 2 PAY me, bitch! Just like this loser did. Oh, and just 4 the record, after I got done beating him, I let him have the privilege of rubbing my feet while I watched a movie. (off-camera, so that is not part of the video.) He also begged like a dawgg 2 Serve me in real life…haha. We will see… ;)

Princess Beverly

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