Pay to Lick My Shoes

Pay to Lick My Shoes

We decided 2 show “Princess Perfection” how PATHETIC male foot-losers will be 4 her, since this is still all so new 2 her. One of the slaves at M3an G1rl Man0r has actually been literally BEGGING her- just 2 let him kiss her FEET. (Which she thinks is HILARIOUS.) But she won’t let him- which makes her laugh even harder because he literally throws himself at her feet and GROVELS 4 her 2 let him just kiss her feet. SOOO fucking pathetic…
So we come up with a better idea- we decide that she will let him LICK THE DIRT OFF THE BOTTOM OF HER SHOES… IF… he pays her $100 PER LICK! HAHAHA!!

And she is amazed 2 see that this stupid fucker actually hands over a $100 bill every time she lets him drag it’s worthless tongue across the sole of her shoe… DOWNLOAD THE CLIP TO SEE HOW MUCH $$$ PRINCESS PERFECTION MADE OFF THIS STUPID FOOT-FREAK IN LIKE 10 MINUTES!! (While laughing right in his fucking FACE the entire time!)

Keywords: Financial Domination, Femdom, Shoeslicking, Young Mistress

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