Penis Salute

Penis Salute

This was hilarious. My friend Dominatrix Harley has never beaten a slave before. (She didn’t even know there WAS such a thing nowadays!) But I opened her eyes. I make this loser kneel before us with its penis kept SUPER hard 4 us at ALL TIMES! It MUST keep a hard on 4 us- ALWAYS! No matter HOW much we beat it! Haha. We crop the out of its cock n balls. We even CAN its ass. But it HAS 2 stay hard the ENTIRE TIME- or else it will ONLY GET WORSE! LOL. Harley had SO much fun abusing this loser… Watch the video to see if it could maintain its “penis salute” 4 us the entire time while we abused n laughed at it!

Mistress Nikkole

Keywords: Ballbusting, Femdom, Mistress

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19 min

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