Pick Your Worshiper

Pick Your Worshiper

THREE beautiful girls… all with gorgeous bare feet dangling out right in front of your face… which one 2 choose?
TOO BAD- IT’S NOT YOUR CHOICE! WE make the rules around here, so WE get 2 pick which LOSER worships Us! We even make the pathetic fools crawl around in front of Us, parading on all fours just HOPING that one of Us will pick it and allow it 2 WORSHIP OUR FEET. Such a privilege 4 foot freaks like these…

The best part is when Princess Mya pulls on her slave’s chain so hard and shoves her foot down her slave’s throat SO hard that it literally starts 2 GAG and almost throws up cuz her foot is like all the way down it’s throat! HAHA!

(btw, true story- 2 out of the 3 of these losers were picked up right in the hotel lobby at Fetcon n crawled up to Our room, BEGGING 2 be used by Us! LOL! Bet u wish it was U!)

Keywords: Femdom, Footworship

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