Pixie and Her Slave

Pixie and Her Slave

Pixie Von Bat has a new slave. She also got a new stripper pole…

She wants 2 dance and she wants him to watch. She grabs his balls, “But if u get hard, I am kicking u in the balls!”

Pixie then grinds on him, and it’s hopeless. She can see him bulging in his underwear. So she goes to town on his balls with HARD kicks n knees. Pixie is a young n sweet little lady. Her tone is adorable, but her abuse is rough.

After a lot of abuse n teasing in her tight leotard n tattered pantyhose, she takes off his underwear to reveal a full hard on. She tells him she is going 2 kick him until it “goes away,” but the harder she kicks, he just gets harder and drips pre-cum.

She makes him eat his pre-cum, then makes him hump her thighs. “Are u hungry? As long as your my slave all u will have to eat is your own pre-cum. And u won’t be allowed 2 really cum 4 a long, long time…”

If her slave wants 2 eat n survive, he has to stay on the edge of an orgasm. This won’t be a problem with her brutal teasing n abusing…

Pixie Von Bat has had her new slave 4 weeks now. She decides that today is a great day to REALLY abuse his balls…

She asks him if he is hungry, teases him, and feeds fetishfemdom.org him his own pre-cum (which is the only meal his is allowed) then proceeds to knee n kick him in the balls. She takes off her bra n tells him that maybe this way he’ll produced more pre cum 4 himself, then keeps the abuse going.

Pixie puts him on the floor, sits on his face and rubs her pussy with her fingers. “This is the only pussy u’ll ever get…” then she grips his balls, digs her nails in and pulls.

“Should I just rip them off? I know u hate getting kicked in the balls so much. This way the pain would end…”

Her slave tries to beg through her used panties (which have been gagging him 4 weeks) and Pixie doesn’t seem to care either way. She just keeps squeezing n teasing.

[note: she was really digging her nails into me on this one, but her pussy in my face kept me motivated 2 keep going through the scene]

Pixie stands him up, takes off her skirt and keeps kicking n kneeing. She whispers, “Just a little more” in a seductive tone, knees him more n then says, “Just 50 more and u are done” with an adorable smile…

Pixie Von Bat has been keeping her slave on edge for a long time. She has been getting him hard, making him pre cum, feeding it to him (his only source of food as her slave) then abusing his balls instead of letting him release. He will do anything to cum, so when she tells him that he can cum if he takes her strap-on, he is more than willing…

First she lays him on his back n works his ass by hand with the dildo. Then she makes him sit on it and ride it while she lubes up his throbbing hard cock. She barely strokes it, but he is about to blow his load. He begs her to cum but she stops just before he blows a few times in a row.

Then she lays him on his belly, spreads his legs, and rails his ass. Pixie CAN FUCK… She fucks him sweet and she fucks him hard, driving his prostate crazy until he is begging 4 more.

Pixie just railed her slave’s ass hard. She has been edging n abusing him for a long time. She finally tells him he can cum n strokes his cock.

She gets him to the edge a few times, stopping right on time to watch his cock twitch n smile. Then she tells him to squeeze her boobs while she strokes him, only to squeeze his blue balls in return.

When she finally tells him he can cum, he blows his load all over her shiny pantyhose and she tells him it will be six months until he can release again…

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