Playboy Bunny Ballbuster

Playboy Bunny Ballbuster

Niki Lee Young is coming back 2 her hotel with her boyfriend, Lance. He picked her up from work at the Bunny Bar, and while he was there she caught him flirting with the other bunnies…

Lance thinks everything is cool, until Niki sets him straight with a knee 2 the balls. Their relationship is about to change drastically. Once she sees how easily he crumples down on the floor with a simple hit to the balls, she gets excited about how much control she has over him. She goes to town on his nuts, flirting n teasing the whole time. She loves this new found power n will exploit it to the end…

Time has passed since the first time Niki and Lance’s relationship changed with a knee 2 the balls. Niki realized her power over him. She has stopped letting him cum, and now he will put up with anything if she keeps his hopes up about possibly getting 2 fck her again.

Niki teases Lance relentlessly. She knows all of his weaknesses, and her perfections… She strings him along n loves 2 keep his cock throbbing hard and his balls blue so it hurts even more when she kicks them. She smiles n threatens to Nut him, and makes him beg her 4 release. She doesn’t need his cock anymore, and she proves it by masturbating with her vibrator just inches aways from his throbbing dick until she cums, and his balls are even bluer.

“I am more turned on by kicking your balls than fucking u. I own those balls [smile]”

Her body is fucking perfect. She really is a playboy model, and in the clip she looks incredibly sexy in tight black leggings n heels. Her flirting is heartbreaking, and her kicks n knees are hard as hell.

Keywords: Femdom, Ballbusting, Teasing, Kicking

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18 min

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