Please Stop! Please Stop! Please Stop!

Please Stop! Please Stop! Please Stop!

Wait for it, wait 4 it The pain finally gets 2 him, haha! He literally cries n begs me like a little crushed boy 2 stop beating him. Its kind of adorable n hilariously pathetic at the same time, LOL! But how else is my new servant going 2 learn that I dont just stop using his flesh because it hurts him. He needs 2 give me his skin to mark up as long as I want and as long as his screams entertain me. He actually did a good job keeping his mouth shut until the end when the marks got really crazy and I was REALLY laying into him. I think I will keep this one around to make a good example out of. Stay tuned!

Oh, and btw this is not really a pain slave. It is just a regular slave (that DOESNT really like pain) but begged 2 be my servant- and was willing 2 endure anything to serve ME. (Which I LOVE!) So this was part of its test. And WOW was it really groveling and BEGGING 4 mercy at my feet by the end of it! Haha! Of course, I just laughed and kept whipping itI guess I`m one of the most brutal n cruelest whips around from what I`m hearing? All the slaves fear me haha. I love it.

Princess Cindi

Keywords: Whipping, Female Domination, BDSM, Corporal Punishment, Femdom, Princess Cindi, Young Mistress, Boots

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