Pony Races At The M3an G1rl Man0r

Pony Races At The M3an G1rl Man0r

Princess Cindi and I are just giddy about our idea to have a slave-pony racing contest. We have our incredible bodies in these sexy riding outfits to torment – and motivate! – the slaves, and are having so much fun that we plan on making a new sport out of this at M3an G1rl Man0r! To motivate the slaves even FURTHER, we tell them that the losing slave will be locked up outside in its cage without food or water 4 3 days. Haha. That seemed to get these slaves highly motivated 2 actually race around the Manor grounds as fast as possible- as if their lives depended on it! (Because it just might! Haha!) Their poor knees got a little tore up while scurrying around the yard, but we didn’t care. We were laughing too hard n smacking their asses with our riding crops. We REALLY don’t care about their stupid slave-knees. I guess this is a good example of slaves really embracing the fact that they are just an1ma1s to us… actually BELOW an1ma1s, really! We don’t even care about their lives. All we care about is how fast we`re going n how much FUN we`re having!!! :)
Let us know if u like this clip (by BUYING it, of course- duh!) and maybe we will film more of our future pony races at The Man0r! It was pretty fun 4 us…

Princess Bella

Keywords: Femdom, Ponyplay, Young Mistress, Princess Cindi

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