Princess Bella – Life As My Live In Slave

Princess Bella - Life As My Live In Slave

Who wants to be my 1st ever LIVE-IN slave?? I know that’s probably a dream come true to so many losers out there. To wait on a hot girl like ME 24/7. Well, I have a nice, two bedroom condo here and you will be literally stored in the back of the closet of the back bedroom when not in use. That’s right you`ll LITERALLY be a SLAVE 24-7 for me. PERFECTLY trained and COMPLETELY obedient. I don’t even want to think of you as human anymore. You will be reduced to like a thing that I OWN. You do WHATEVER i say without question. You dedicate your LIFE to serving MY every whim. And if I store you in the back closet for days at a time? I don’t care. If I say stay – you STAY. Even if I go on vacation with my boyfriend for the weekend and totally forget about you. Haha.

Keywords: Female Domination, Free, Femdom POV, Princess Bella, Latina, Princess, Bella, POV, Dirty Talk, Young Mistress

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