Princess Ellie: Lonely Masturbation Addicts Need A Connection

Princess Ellie: Lonely Masturbation Addicts Need A Connection

You know that losers dont deserve to cum as much as you do. You cum way too much. You`re always beating that dick, over and over n over again. You spend so much time wanking and browsing clips or watching femdom porn. You are an addict. Thats all there is to it, you`re addicted to masturbation. Youre addicted to cumming. All that cum, its such a waste.

You spend all your time alone in your room jerking off. And you jerk n you jerk and youre all alone. Thats why you need me here so badly. Hearing my voice is the only real connection you feel. And you long to feel connected to someone like me, it makes your orgasms feel so much better. And when u hear me talk to you its as if I am there, as if I am the only one who understands you. And you need that, you need me.

It feels so good when a woman tells you that you can jerk or cum. You feel that connection, you feel my words in your ears. You just wanna jerk and cum, thats all you care about. You know its true. You`re a compulsive masturbator. But you cum way too much. We need to cut back on them, make them more meaningful.

You need a connection, even if that connection is paying a woman on the internet. You`ll take whatever you can get. And you feel that with me. And in order to feel it deeper, you must listen to what I say. And you need permission to touch that cock and to cum. Do you understand? By listening and obeying ure deepening our connection. You see jerking off alone without a connection really does make you a true loser.

So you pay for my attention because you need it. Because Im the only hot girl that will even acknowledge you. And you love me for that. You want this connection so badly because you`re so lonely. You want to make that orgasm mean something through your connection with me. Ill bet you feel even closer to me right now after listening to all of these truths I am telling you.

And you want that connection with me because you realize that I know whats best for you. You`re a fucked up jerkoff loser. You need direction. You need this connection. So I am going to deny you because cumming in your room all alone all the time, thats not good for you. You need to be productive. You need the meaning that I can give you. And meaningful orgasms are just what you need to break the cycle.

Princess Ellie

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