Psych Ward Milking Intern

Psych Ward Milking Intern

Dr C0urtn3y Cam3r0n is training her intern on how 2 treat patients in the psych ward. Today, they have to deal with a patient who keeps getting erections in the hospital, and they have 2 do something about it.

The good doctor explains 2 her intern, M1ch3ll3 P3t3rs, exactly how 2 milk his cock, and couches her through it. They are wearing lab coats n pantyhose at first, and as it gets too hot Dr Cameron assists her intern on disrobing, then continues 2 couch her until she finally milks the patient’s cum out all over her nylons.

Dr Cameron is professional, yet clearly a little turned on by her sexy cute intern, and flirts with her through out the milking.

Keywords: Femdom, Handjob, Cum On Nylons, Big Tits

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11 min

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