Psylocke and Honey Trap Bust a Villain

Psylocke and Honey Trap Bust a Villain

A villain arms dealer is in a hotel room with a very sexy blonde. He thinks things are about 2 get awesome when Psylocke busts in, and the blonde grabs his balls n squeezes. The villain fell victim to Honey Trap. She seduces men n traps them 4 interrogation, and works with Psylocke, her lover, very regularly.

They tease him n bust his balls. They need 2 find out about his next shipment. He resists at 1st, but can’t hold out forever… Especially when they start talking Emasculation…

Psylocke n Honey Trap come back to the villain’s hotel room. Honey Trap had 2 go to the gym, run some errands, pick up her Emasculation tools…

They laugh at him while he is still from Psylocke’s scissor hold. They giggle n talk about cutting his balls off, and how the world will be a better place is he cannot reproduce. Then they wake him up and let him know the good news… Huge perfect tits like Honey Trap’s won’t distract him anymore after he doesn’t have his balls :)

They tease him n grab and squeeze his nuts while they talk about all the terrible ways they can end his manhood. Honey Trap takes off her shirt to taunt him with her huge perfect tits. She rubs them in his face n starts 2 get turned on by the idea of Nutting him. Psylocke n Honey Trap flirt with each other, smile n giggle while they squeeze his balls and plan his Emasculation. “I love it when u grab my ass while u smash his balls…”

They get sick of hearing his pleads 4 mercy, so Honey Trap smothers his face with her sweaty foot while Psylocke squeezes n knees away at his balls. Then Honey Trap smothers his face with her perfect ass until he’s out 4 the count, and they get ready 2 Nut him.

Keywords: Femdom, Ballbusting, Facesitting, Teasing, Kicking

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