Purple From Paddles

Purple From Paddles

We burn through slaves so fast around here at Mean Girl Man0r. But basically its because there is an endless string of begging, pleading replacements 4 the male flesh that we beat to a pulp haha. But We DO need a new whipping boy today. So luckily (of course!) we have 2 new applicants today! (Slave tryouts are always so much fun… and there is always a fresh batch of meat 4 Us to beat on around here at Mean Girl Man0r…! :) The “job description” is simple- u let us beat on u as much as we want! We start with floggers n hit them as hard as we can. They are both SOOO desperate 2 please us- HA! So pathetic! Then we paddle them to see who can “break the slave” 1st! Haha! So much fun! We wonder which one of these losers wants it most…?

Dommes Rodea and Princess Carmela

Keywords: Femdom, Corporal Punishment, Whipping

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