Queen Lissandra’s sex toy [House of Sinn]

Queen Lissandra’s sex toy [House of Sinn]

Queen Lissandra is a true strap-on Mistress, She instills fear n ter in Her slaves but little do they know that She loves to use Her personal sluts as sex toys. After all what is a slave good for if not to bring his Mistress pleasure, be it from his pain, his humiliation or by simply being used as a toy, an inanimate object used and discarded after She is done with it? A real life dildo that gets teased being so near Her pussy with absolutely no chance of a real touch… Mistresses are fickle, supreme creatures, most of Them so sadistic that the more power they give a slave the more They take away, draining poor males full of lust of every piece of self control they possess only to leave them standing at the end, unsatisfied and so desperate for satisfaction that they would do anything to get it, even getting fucked in the ass with Queen Lissandras mighty rubber cock.

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