R3tr0 Caning – H0us3 0f C0rr3ct10n (Chapter’s 4-6)

R3tr0 Caning - H0us3 0f C0rr3ct10n (Chapter's 4-6)

M@d@m3 C@t@r1n@ has been sent a slave from the H0us3 0f C0rr3ct10n 4 remedial treatment. The slave was placed in the H0us3 0f C0rr3ct10n 2 mend his ways and 2 stop his constant attempts at flirting with every lady he meets. Even in the H0us3 0f C0rr3ct10n he has been exhibiting bad behaviour such as cheeking the female guards n refusing 2 eat his mouldy bread. Even worse he has tried 2 flirt with the guards treating his prison like a dating agency. The slave has been sent 2 M@d@m3 C@t@r1n@ 2 have his behaviour corrected once n 4 all.

Chapter 6 – the finale: M@d@m3 C@t@r1n@ continues 2 brutally cane the slave creating a beautiful tapestry of red welds across his backside. When satisfied he has learnt his lesson his punishment comes 2 an end and M@d@m3 C@t@r1n@ notes down the details in her punishment book. The nipple clamps n weights are slowly n painfully removed before the slave is released from the whipping bench, manacled n returned 2 the house of correction.

Keywords: CBT, Femdom, MC, Nipple Torture, Caning, Whipping, Corporal Punishment, Boots, Humiliation, Female Domination, High Heels, Slave, Single Tail, Retro Stile Look, Safari, 1960’s, Riding Trousers, Jodhpurs1930’s

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19 min

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