Rachel DD Sexy Sailor Costume Ballbusting

Rachel DD Sexy Sailor Costume Ballbusting

Rachel DD is wearing a sexy Sailor Halloween costume with shiny pantyhose n high heels. She is going out 2 a party, but 1st she has 2 stop by her boyfriends house 2 break up with him. She wants to tell him that he never pleased her sexually, and she is going to get some real dick tonight.

When her boyfriend is heart broken n disturbed, she makes him beg her 2 stay, and wants to know just how cruel she can be… She puts one of her high heels on his balls n her makes him suck on her other high heel like its a cock. He is humiliated but does it, 4 fear of his nuts and to try to get her 2 stay. After he worships her heel, she kicks off her shoe n makes him suck on her whole nylon covered foot, then stomps his balls anyway…

She grinds against him, reminding him of what he cannot have, kicks him hard in the nuts 2 drop him 2 his knees, and rubs her pussy in his face. Then kicks him more while he is on his knees, and even stands him up for a few hard kicks before she leaves. So cruel, so hot.

Keywords: Femdom, Ballbusting, Nylons, Shiny Pantyhose, Sexy Costume, Cleavage, Footworship, Foot Sucking, Foot Fetish

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