Randy Moore Yoga Pants Chastity Talk

Randy Moore Yoga Pants Chastity Talk

Randy is wearing yoga pants and a purple bra. She’s on the way 2 the gym.

She knows how sexy she looks in her tight yoga pants. She knows how all the big muscular guys are going 2 stare at her while she works out. She might just fck a few of them before she comes back home 2 your locked up cock.

Randy teases u about your aching blue balls. She can tell u`re in agony, so she sweetly takes off her bra right in front of your n shows u her amazing tits. She shakes her ass in front of u, making your cock swell, then she brings out your chastity device 2 wear. She doesn’t want any chance of u jerking off and getting release while she is out fucking other guys.

Once the device is secured on your cock, she rubs her ass in your face, making your cock rage n swell inside the device. “Awe, does that hurt? [giggle]”

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