Rapture’s Fetish Playground – Rapture – Strong Man’s Secret Weapon

Rapture's Fetish Playground - Rapture - Strong Man's Secret Weapon

Jason just can’t bear to lose to Rapture again, so he drinks his secret weapon “strength juice”, before she arrives. Rapture enters the room topless and flexing, and Jason tries really hard to unflex her arms, but just can’t do it. “Move my arms!”, she commands, and Jason tries again to no avail. Rapture pins Jason’s arms to his sides, and he tries to move them, but he’s just too weak. Rapture then flexes her biceps again, and Jason tries once more to move her arms. Jason drinks more “strength juice” and flexes his arms for Rapture, who has no problem moving them. They go back and forth a few times more, and alternate putting each other in bear hugs.

Rapture then pins Jason against the wall, reaches into his shorts and pulls out his cock. She strokes it with her bicep, giving him a sort of “muscle job”. Rapture works his cock with her hands and her biceps until Jason explodes all over her muscles.

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