Real Behind the Scenes CBT

Real Behind the Scenes CBT

We were supposed to be filming a sexy handjob clip with Kyle Chaos, Rene Phoenix n Alice. The scene was supposed to be about two sexy roommates blackmailing their neighbor into paying all their bills by milking his cock n getting his DNA on their tights…

But Kyle was having a long day, and this being one of the last scenes of the day, he was having trouble getting hard. This happens to the best of us… even pornstars…

Anyway, Rene started to fluff him by sucking his dick, and he still couldn’t get hard, so she got a little offended. Being the cock n ball abusing psycho hotty that she is, she suddenly grabbed Kyle by the balls n started attacking his cock with hard slaps.

Alice started giggling, and I figured I should just keep the camera rolling, so I asked Alice to smother his face while Rene abused him. She jumped right on him, and they went crazy on poor Kyle 4 a while.

I decided to put this entire thing up, unedited. It is 17 minutes in total, but I set the price low. The first 5 minutes or so is the planned clip, then the fluffing blow job, then the abuse 4 the last part… I am not sure if people will enjoy the behind the scenes aspect of this, but I think it’s really sexy because it’s real, and it’s kind of like two scenes in one.

Keywords: Femdom, CBT, Handjob, Blowjob, Humiliation, Double Domination, Pantyhose Tights, Teasing

613 mb
17 min

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