Real Foot Slavery Laugh Off (1080 HD)

Real Foot Slavery Laugh Off (1080 HD)

So me and Princess Ashley explain to “the new girl” (Ashleys friend, Princess Monica) how stuff works around MMG. We tell her how we abuse slaves, film it for our profit – and then even make them do all the work of editing n posting our videos too! So WE can make all the $$$ for doing like almost NO work whatsoever! (Unless u call abusing losers n treating them like the pieces of sh!tt they are work haha.) All we have to do as hot girls is abuse losers and write up these descriptions of the clips – we even have a slave that does all the video postings for us! (Cuz that sh*t is boring as fuck.)

Monica literally cant believe that we profit off real-life slave labor like this, so we take her into the office of MGM, and drag the video posting slave away from its computer – and then we mock him and make him worship our feet!! We totally laugh in his face about how he doesn’t even get paid – he just gets FEET! (SOOO pathetic!!!) We explain to Monica that this is a foot freak – and they are SO easy to manipulate and USE because they will do like anything to satisfy their foot fetish cravings – including being used as complete n total slaves by hot girls like us that obviously have no respect for them. They just work like dawggs in order to be allowed a few kisses upon our beautiful feet! Haha.

Goddess Harley

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