Red’s Ballbusting Trick

Red's Ballbusting Trick

Red Ameland is wearing tight purple leggings and a bra. Her ass n legs are fucking hot in anything tight. She flirts up to Charlie n tells him that she really wants to suck his cock. But 1st, she wants to play a little game n kick him in the balls a few times. If he can make it through a few kicks, she will go 2 town on his cock with the best, sloppiest blow job he has ever had.

She teases him with her body, rubbing up against him, until he gets throbbing hard n agrees. Then she kicks n knees him in the balls and he suddenly knows she is serious. She sits him down on the couch, and pulls his cock n balls up between her sexy thighs so she can crush them with her powerful legs n slap his balls at the same time.

Red is giggly n loves to celebrate every time she makes Charlie squirm n scream. Eventually, she tells him that he just isn’t going to make it through her game. He’s never going to cum, so she might as well cut his balls off. He begs her not 2 Nut him but she just keeps laughing n hurting his cock n balls.

She puts him on the floor, sits on his face n grabs his balls 4 some squeezes n slaps, then stands up, kicks him hard in the nuts while he is down, and bounds away 2 get some scissors

Keywords: Femdom, Ballbusting, Leggings, Spandex, CBT, Ball Slapping, Bare Feet, Tease And Denial, Emasculation Threats

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