Remi Turns U into a Diaper-Dork for Life

Remi Turns U into a Diaper-Dork for Life

“Remember me, Princess Remi, the meanest girl in school? I am sure u remember the day u foolishly asked me out on a date. And I know u remember what I did 2 u. That’s why u are wearing a diaper right now, isn’t it, Mr Babsy Bottoms? I intimidated u into wetting your pants. I intimidated u into having 2 wear diapers all the time. I bet I still intimidate u. I bet I can make u soak your diapers right now, the same way I made u wet your pants in front of all the girls. So u better be wearing a super thick diaper with some snap-up plastic panties 4 the little talk I am about 2 have with u. Because in about ten minutes, u`re gonna be crying n sucking your thumb in a soppy, droopy, stinky wet diaper…” PRINCESS REMI is so mean 2 u in this video! She emasculates u and uses cruel crybaby talk 2 make u wet your diaper and then takes over as your mean babysitter. A must-watch 4 diaper dork Remi fans!

Keywords: Femdom POV, Diaper Discipline, Adult Diaper, Diaper Fetish

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