Rene Phoenix Sissyfies Her Roommate

Rene Phoenix Sissyfies Her Roommate

Rene has been letting Lance Hart live with her and freeload 4 too long. She has new plans for her deadbeat roomie. They’ve had sexual tension building sense they lived together, but things aren’t going to go they way Lance has been fantasizing about.

Rene tells Lance to get on the bed. He thinks they’re finally going 2 fuck. She stands over him n surprises him with a hard kick 2 the nuts. After that, it’s all tease n bust…

Lance begs her to take is easy on him, and to stop breaking his balls with her knees n feet, but she is relentless, and knows that she has him right where she wants him, still willing to do anything to please her in hopes that they might fuck.

Rene needs 2 break him down. She needs him to stay lustful n turned on by her, but she needs to break his will little by little in order to convert him to her own sissy slave. The 1st step is breaking his balls, which she does in such a giggly and sexy way in this 1st clip of the series.

Before she leaves him on the bed in agony, she tells him that she might just fuck him (but doesn’t say exactly how…)

Rene drags Lance into the room by his dick n kicks him in the balls. She had told him they were going to fuck, but it’s not going to be fun 4 him.

She isn’t going to be pleased by his dick, because she needs a big dick. Her solution is to put her big purple strapon over his cock n balls n fuck that on top of him, crushing his balls n cock at the same time. The harder she rides him, the more it hurts him. At the same time she’s getting off on top of him, with her pussy so close 2 his dick, emasculating him the whole time.

She gets out her vibrator to pleasure herself, which vibrates his sensitive balls at the same time, making the torment even worse. Rene brings her self to orgasm right on top of his sore cock and balls while he begs her to stop. This is phase two of her plan to make him into her sissy slave.

After she get’s off completely, she tells him to turn around n bend over…

After crushing Lance’s balls with her pussy and a toy, Rene decides to move on to phase 3 of her roomates sissyfication. She needs to get him 2 love taking it in the ass.

Lance is so blueballed and sexually frustrated at this point, he’s like putty in her hands. Rene bends him over, and rails his ass with the same dick that she just got off on. She pounds his ass in two different positions n teases his cock until she breaks him, and she gets him to say that he likes it. After that she jerks him off to cum all over himself, but only as long as his rides her cock.

“I am going 2 start fucking u like this everyday…”

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