Rip Your Own Balls Off

Rip Your Own Balls Off

This was SOOO much fun! We were just chilling at Mean Girl Man0r when we realized that the poor foot slave that we’ve kept under the dining room table hasn’t been fed any FEET in awhile! LOL So we decide 2 give him a little “treat”. Problem is, he is actually TIED 2 the table by his BALLS. And we are so mean… we just HAVE 2 tease n torture him a little. (ok, a LOT haha.) After all, We can’t let him enjoy it Too much or else we wouldn’t be “Mean Girls”! ;)

So we make sure we hold our feet are juuuust far enough away that he can’t quite reach them! Haha! Poor slave… he has 2 make a choice – its either his balls or our feet! Because if he wants 2 reach out feet, he is going to have 2 rip his own BALLS off 2 do it! Haha! Because we`re pretty sure that huge table isn’t going 2 move! Well, guess we will find out how bad he wants our FEET… haha!

Dommes Raven & Princess Breanna

Keywords: Femdom, CBT

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